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I’m Kate Dillon. Many people know me as the girl who sells race car parts.  I started my online business with no knowledge of race car parts or websites, I just had an idea. 

I researched. And I learned. Millions of dollars in sales later, I continue to run my store and also teach others how to be successful online.

I learned the hard way. I entered the Ecommerce world in 2014.  When I started my website, I thought, “hey, I'll just hire a web guy, gather the information, and it will all be done.”  I was so wrong.  The web guy abandoned me halfway through the project without the online store, so I was on my own.  It was at that point that I became determined to take control, learn, and manage my store on my own.

As my store started to become popular, other companies started seeking my help and advice about how to have their own online stores.  And that led to me building stores for other people. 

In one sense, I felt that wasn't enough, but I also started running low on time.  I wanted to reach more people.  Having the ability to sell online has changed my life.  I wanted to offer the opportunity to as many people as possible.  This has led me to create my signature course, Zero to Ecommerce.  The course walks a person step-by-step through the process of building an online store.

One of the ways I built my online store was by creating video, so I am a HUGE believer in the power of video. I publish videos regularly about marketing, social media, and creating video. (It's a bit ironic that I don't have a video on this page).

 I'd love to connect with you.  You'll find me hanging out on Instagram @katedillon

You can also find me on YouTube and in my Facebook Group, Winning with Ecommerce

Thank you so much for being here!  -Kate


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